MK Partner's expertise

Major player in the aviation sector for over 10 years, we make our experience and expertise available for the comprehensive management of your aircraft.
Since our inception, professionalism and transparency have guided our actions.
This is why our clients trust us to manage their aircraft.

MK Partnair Fleet Private Gulfstream G600-G650 interior- Private Jet - Private plane

Comprehensive management of your aircraft

With several years of experience, we advise and offer you a range of personalized solutions based on your aircraft and your needs.
We handle all the administrative and operational aspects of your aircraft so that you can focus on the essentials and enjoy ownership with peace of mind.

Our services:

  • Commercial or private operation (NCC) and operational support
  • Airworthiness management and maintenance operation oversight
  • Regulatory monitoring of technical and operational regulatory requirements
  • Crew recruitment, training, and competence maintenance
  • Provision of pilot support (instructors and examiners)

Optimizing Your Asset The MK Partner experience

Are you looking to maximize your aircraft’s revenue while minimizing ownership costs? Aware of the challenges related to your ‘asset,’ we create tailor-made solutions to fully maximize your aircraft’s profitability.

This is based on an audit of your aircraft, defining your needs, and assessing the market potential. Our charter division understands all the intricacies of the market and will harness the potential of your asset while preserving it.

Purchase/Sale Consultation and Technical Expertise:

Which aircraft to choose? At what price? How much will it cost me per month?
Before any transactions, we leverage our knowledge and network to provide you with impartial and objective advice. Becoming an aircraft owner is a complex operation that requires precision and diligence. That’s why, drawing from our experience, we conduct audits of aircraft and simulate every cost item according to your anticipated usage.

Whether they are new or used, we carry out a technical, legal, tax, and financial study to ensure that you can finalize your transaction under the best conditions.

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