MK Partnair Your outstanding air broker

Who are we?
For over a decade, MK Partnair has been at your service, ensuring your national and international air charters.

With our excellent reputation built on recognized expertise in both business and commercial aviation, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the industry and its key players, we dedicate our energy daily to ensuring a unique and personalized experience that combines time savings and onboard comfort.

Our private jet and commercial aircraft charter service adapts to your needs, allowing you to blend flexibility, productivity, and confidentiality. As a result, our corporate, VIP, and private passengers enjoy the benefits of private aviation in an optimal and secure manner. With a diverse fleet of private jets and commercial aircraft, they travel seamlessly, arrive closer to their destination, and benefit from increased operational efficiency.

Our Values Connecting potentials at the heart of our collaborations.

    We unite all our partners around a common goal: customer satisfaction.
    Because we aim to establish lasting relationships with our clients and partners, honesty and trust are essential.
    We are committed to providing clear and precise information to both our clients and partners.
    Enriching ourselves with diverse experiences sparks curiosity and the open-mindedness necessary to better understand the needs of our clients.

Uniting humanity and technological innovation to create agile solutions and continually adapt to our environment, such are our ambitions.


Because nothing can replace the human touch, its emotions, its empathy, we will continue to encourage the autonomy of each of our collaborators so that they can be fully invested and entrepreneurial in designing the service with our clients. We value and connect skills and resources to create rich and successful experiences.


We continuously update our technological tools, facilitators at every stage of the customer journey, to make each flight a seamless, reassuring, and efficient experience.


Our Team international and committed

At its core, MK Partnair is a human adventure, comprising a team of international experts entirely dedicated to the thorough examination of your charter projects and ready to provide all necessary assistance.

Each team member leverages their experience and skills in service of a unified collective. Every day, we are particularly mindful of upholding the highest standards in all aspects of your journey, including safety, service, and attention to detail.

We keep in mind that each of our clients is unique and deserves an experience that meets their highest expectations. Therefore, we are committed to offering agile, secure, and perfectly tailored solutions to your environment.

More than ever, whether in a private or professional setting, alone or in a group, we are motivated by the idea of providing you with the best services. Our entire team is working diligently to make your journey a pleasant and secure experience.

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