Luxury travel in ultra long range redefines the travel experience, offering an exquisite blend of comfort, speed, and limitless possibilities. In a world where time is precious and access to distant destinations is essential, ultra long-range jets emerge as the embodiment of luxury travel.
These extraordinary aircraft transcend borders and distances, allowing discerning travelers to effortlessly move to the remotest corners of the planet, all in sumptuous comfort. With such a level of performance and sophistication, ultra long-range travel provides an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to experience the epitome of luxury at high altitudes. Explore with us this new era of travel, where each flight is an adventure, and every destination is within reach. Here are some inspiring destinations.


In Mexico, nestled between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, we craft a jewel of escapes where luxury seamlessly intertwines with nature, adventure, relaxation, culture, and discovery to create an unparalleled travel experience.

This land of enchanting contrasts opens its arms all year for a journey that transcends beaten paths:

Colonial Mexico: Let yourself be enchanted by a luxury infused with history, art, and gastronomy. From East to West, the remnants of ancient Mayan cities, colonial heritage, and natural wonders that dot the country unfold.

Baja California: This region, dubbed the ‘aquarium of the world,’ harbors a vast diversity of marine species. Dip your toes in golden beaches, explore hiking trails, dive into the waters, or surf the waves of this region with striking contrasts, inviting you to live a captivating adventure where each step reveals new emotions.

Experiential Mexico: From discovering pyramids, cenotes, pristine beaches, and Yucatan forests to exploring the canyons of Chiapas and abundant jungles, prepare to be dazzled by exception. Meticulously designed by our experts, this extraordinary journey reserves multiple surprises, offering a wide array of colors and emotions. Treat yourself to the exclusivity of certain sites and let us transport you through Mayan civilization.

Modern Mexico: This sky trip is made for you. Explore Mexico in a modern and dynamic way with our city-to-city travel itinerary. From the buzz of Mexico City to the sophistication of Guadalajara, through the artistic culture of Oaxaca and the coastal beauty of Cancun, each step of this journey will immerse you in unique urban experiences. Local markets, refined cuisine, historical and contemporary architecture, as well as lively nightlife, will be at your fingertips.

Colors of Dia de los Muertos: An extraordinary experience. This vibrant and lively celebration uniquely honors ancestors and dearly departed. Witness processions, festivals, beautifully decorated altars, and painted skeleton parades. It’s an exceptional opportunity to delve into Mexican culture, taste traditional dishes like pan de muerto, and participate in profoundly meaningful rituals. The Day of the Dead provides a fascinating glimpse into the spirituality and zest for life of the Mexican people in a festive and memorable setting.

Our team of experts will ensure that every moment of your journey is perfectly orchestrated. Share your desires with our team and let us transform your travel experience. Our fleet of ultra-long-range jets, such as the Gulfstream G650 or the Bombardier Global 7500, guarantees a smooth and swift flight to this dream destination.


The Australian dream comes to life! Endless expanses as far as the eye can see, impactful encounters, and unexpected experiences. A breathtaking getaway where each day holds its share of sensational emotions.

Welcome to a universe where adventure and elegance converge for an unparalleled travel experience. Australia becomes the stage for your escape. Picture yourself soaring over the vast landscapes of the Australian Outback aboard an ultra-long-range jet, combining unparalleled comfort with absolute exclusivity. Among the examples of aircraft in this category, you will find the Embraer Lineage 1000E or the Dassault Falcon 7X, true gems of aviation redefining the notion of luxury travel.

This journey will exceed your expectations. It will be an immersion into unexplored territories. Discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, traverse the wild regions of the Kimberley, and delve into the millennia-old Aboriginal culture. Each stage of your journey will be carefully planned for an authentic immersion in the Australian wilderness, enhanced with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Your odyssey begins as soon as you step through the door of your private jet. The vast Australian distances are no longer an obstacle but an opportunity to uncover hidden gems, deserted beaches, pristine nature reserves, and iconic sites. Your ultra-long-range aircraft transforms into a personal sanctuary, offering upscale service, gourmet meals, an intimate space to relax, and a dedicated crew at your disposal throughout your stay.

Yet, the allure of the land will be too significant to resist. Embark on an adventure through the Australian deserts, including safaris coupled with the experience of authentic farms and luxurious campsites in national parks. Breathtaking panoramas will unfold, from the red canyons of the Outback to the pristine beaches of the coast, from majestic mountains to ancient forests. You’ll have the opportunity to meet passionate local guides revealing the secrets of the Australian land, share moments of camaraderie with Aboriginal communities, and savor refined cuisine with local flavors. Each night, you’ll be welcomed in carefully selected luxury accommodations, such as eco-chic lodges and oceanfront private villas. Luxury harmoniously combines with environmental preservation, and every detail is designed to offer you comfort worthy of the finest hotels.

Your sky trip in Australia will be a transcendent experience, an encounter with untouched nature and a millennia-old culture, an exploration of the Australian skies in unmatched elegance, not forgetting the modernity of cities like Sydney, Perth, Darwin, or Melbourne. If the idea of living this adventure appeals to you, contact us today to envision and organize your dream journey, where limits exist only to be pushed, and the sky is the only limit.


Our experts suggest embarking on an adventure in the mystical kingdom of Nepal, where the experience, designed for discerning travelers, reaches new heights. Aboard an ultra-long-range jet, such as the Gulfstream G550 or the Global Express, you will travel with elegance and comfort to the roof of the world.

Your adventure begins with a non-stop flight to Tribhuvan International Airport, located in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This flight allows you to quickly reach the heart of the Himalayas, without the constraints of commercial flights. You will explore the iconic sites of the region, including the majestic mountains of the Himalayas, the Annapurnas, ancient temples, isolated monasteries, picturesque villages, and the Terai jungle, with the chance to observe one of the last Bengal tigers or the one-horned Asian rhinoceros. You will have the opportunity to hike in some of the most pristine regions of the Himalayas while enjoying personalized service.

Ideal for rejuvenation and with a subtropical climate and varied temperatures, Nepal is a destination that offers an exceptional sense of well-being and freedom, combining natural majesty with profound spirituality.

You will have the opportunity to meditate in Tibetan monasteries, witness the sunrise over Everest, discover the famous Monkey Mountain, and explore remote valleys that seem frozen in time. Throughout your journey, our team of experts will guide you, ensuring that every moment is perfectly orchestrated for an unforgettable experience.

The birthplace of Buddha has preserved its authenticity and traditions. Join MK Partnair for a journey that pushes the boundaries of adventure and elegance through this unique country.


Pays du Soleil Levant, contrée de contrastes, entre traditions bien ancrées et modernité parfois exacerbée, le Japon promet de multiples expériences. Cette terre spirituelle est une combinaison parfaite pour les voyageurs en quêtes d’un luxe pur et non ostentatoire.

Le Japon se définit par une expérience où le passé et le futur se rejoignent, un voyage dans lequel la beauté intemporelle des traditions anciennes coexiste avec l’innovation la plus avant-gardiste. Choisissez un ultra long range tel qu’un Global 5000 ou bien un Airbus ACJ pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns et survolez les majestueuses montagnes japonaises en route vers Kyoto, où vous visiterez des temples anciens, flânerez dans les jardins de pierre zen et dégusterez une cuisine kaiseki exquise. Puis, envolez-vous vers Tokyo, la métropole ultra-moderne, pour découvrir l’énergie électrisante de la vie urbaine, les gratte-ciels illuminés, et les technologies de pointe.

A travers ce voyage, vous vous offrez une quiétude instantanée. Voyager au Japon, c’est plonger dans un monde de contrastes. De Tokyo à Kyoto en passant par Osaka, Nara, les forêts énergisantes et les villages traditionnels au pied du Mont Fuji, le Japon recèle de secrets et se nourrit d’authenticité à explorer avec humilité et émotion. Plongez au cœur de l’âme du Japon en explorant ses terres mystiques et traditionnelles. Notre voyage vous emmène loin des sentiers battus, là où l’authenticité de la culture japonaise prend vie. Vous découvrirez des villes et des villages préservés, où les coutumes ancestrales sont un art de vivre.

Votre périple vous mènera à travers des rizières en terrasse, des sanctuaires enfouis dans des forêts denses, et des ryokans traditionnels, ces auberges japonaises aux charmes inégalés. Ici, chaque repas devient une cérémonie, chaque détail architectural raconte une histoire, et chaque expérience vous plonge dans l’héritage culturel du Japon. Que vous séjourniez dans une maison de thé centenaire ou dans un ryokan au bord d’une rivière de montagne, chaque nuit sera une invitation à vivre la tradition japonaise dans son éclat le plus pur.

Entre histoire séculaire et vision futuriste, architecture moderne et temples majestueux mais aussi avec sa nature généreuse et, le Japon est un sanctuaire de découverte offrant de merveilleux trésors. Si vous êtes prêt à vivre une aventure unique, en ayant le monde à portée de main grâce à un jet ultra long range, alors le Japon vous attend. Contactez-nous dès aujourd’hui pour programmer votre voyage au Pays du Soleil Levant.

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