Private aviation & soccer: sport flight for the Nations League 10/19/2022

Between Champions Leagues, Nations Leagues, World Cup, and many more, the year 2022 rhymes with major soccer events. Football lovers have been offered exceptional entertainment during the various matches. However, the year is not completely over (World Cup starts in November 2022 👀).  MK Partnair, specialist in private aircraft charter, follows these sporting events very closely.

Our mission for this operation is to accompany and facilitate the mobility of a soccer team for one of its decisive matches.

Nations League – Luxembourg VS Turkey

On the occasion of the UEFA Nations League, the Luxembourg national team called upon our air charter services for one of its matches, taking place in Turkey. This match, in which the soccer team is participating, offers the possibility of qualifying for the European Championship and the World Cup.

Therefore, our teams needed to ensure the smooth running of their air travel to provide them with quality support and meet their needs.


Our GOAL for this mission was to transport the whole of Luxembourg’s national team in the best conditions. Firstly, by offering them a plane adapted to their needs, both in terms of the capacity of the plane (number of seats, capacity of the hold) and also in terms of comfort (wide enough space for the legs, comfortable seats for the passengers).  Secondly, our role is to make the operation as smooth as possible to facilitate the different steps that can be time-consuming and painful. Our mission was to choose a quality operator according to different administrative constraints while respecting our specifications. These different services allowed the Luxembourg national team to stay focused for the preparation of their decisive match.

This is a GIF of the Luxembourg soccer team. This GIF traces the journey of the soccer team, from its arrival at the airport of departure (Luxembourg) to its arrival at the airport of Istanbul. You can see the team on the plane and also get off the plane.

Flight Diary

🔃Flight: Round trip

🛫 Departure city: Luxembourg

🛬 Arrival city: Istanbul

⏲️Flight time LUX – IST: 2h50

Under the coordination of an MK PARTNAIR representative, the soccer team and the whole staff were accompanied in all the steps in the different airports. His presence allowed fluidity, ease, and comfort of organization for the group of passengers.

Together with our team on-site, our back office team followed and managed the flight remotely by being available 24 hours monitoring. The mission of our back-office team is clear: to follow in real time the different steps: from the arrival at the departure airport to the arrival at the destination (Istanbul, Turkey). The back-office team works in close collaboration with stakeholders such as the airport, the handler, the terminal, the airline, the plane crew, and catering… To ensure quality support and follow-up with our customers, we stay in touch by phone, WhatsApp, and email. The passenger representative is regularly informed by us of the status of their flight (aircraft positioning, boarding gate, …). The goal is to facilitate access to information as much as possible.

The Luxembourg soccer team getting off the Tailwind plane. The plane is white with blue stripes. On the tarmac of the Istanbul airport, we can see the pilot and the staff oh the airport.

The private plane used for the flight

Our expertise allowed us to define the ideal aircraft and the adequate operator for this trip.

We suggested the Boeing 737-400 of the Turkish company Tailwind (holder of the very reputable ISBAO certification).

The aircraft has 160 seats. To discover our fleet of airliners, click here.

The match

The image shows the final score of the match between the national team of Luxembourg and the national team of Turkey. The result of the match is 3-3.

📍The match occurred on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium in Istanbul (IST, Turkey).

White plane, type Boeing 737-400 of the airline Tailwind on the tarmac of the airport of Luxembourg. An airport footbridge is linked to the plane, allowing passengers to board.

Why charter a private plane for a sports event ?

Chartering a private plane combines comfort, speed, and time-saving. For this reason, the Luxembourg national soccer team wanted to charter a plane for its sports trips.

In fact, chartering an airliner for this type of event is beneficial for sports delegations for several reasons.

✅ Charter flights make it possible to connect cities that are not, as with the Luxembourg-Istanbul flight, which requires a stopover.

✅ The professional management of our back-office teams who take care of the follow-up from the preparation of the flight to the personalization of the plane. This contributes to the smooth running of the mission and enables us to counter any unforeseen events or complications that may arise.

✅ The chartering of a private plane allowed the Luxembourg national team to transport the material and sports equipment necessary for the preparation of the match.

Charter your private aircraft for your incoming sport events  

Chartering an aircraft for a sporting event requires a certain amount of expertise to determine the right aircraft for the flight, propose the most advantageous solutions for your air charters and optimize costs.

Contact MK Partnair for your next sporting event.

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