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Phenom 300 - Embraer - MK Partnair - Déplacement d'affaire - MK Partnair - Louer Jet Privé - Business

In the business world, business travel is commonplace. Many people travel on business to attend meetings, appointments and conferences. To facilitate travel, companies decide to charter a private jet or airliner to attend very important meetings.  Whether it is for a group or an individual, MK Partnair, specialist in private jet and airliner charters, is there to accompany and select the most suitable aircraft. Our mission for this operation is to accompany and facilitate our passenger’s journey between Paris and Chambéry.

Phenom 300 - Embraer - MK Partnair - Déplacement d'affaire - MK Partnair - Louer Jet Privé - Business

Road Map

The passenger was travelling to Chambéry to attend a meeting

The passenger received a notification from MK Partnair that the aircraft and crew were ready to receive him.

📍 Arrival of our passenger at Paris Le Bourget airport (business airport) 15 minutes before departure.

Then, at Paris Le Bourget airport, the passenger was directly received at the Dassault terminal

On the spot, the various parties involved, such as the airport team and the handler, took care of taking care of and accompanied our passengers to the aircraft.

On board, the private jet, refreshments and snacks were available for our business traveler.

During the journey, the passenger was able to continue working thanks to the USB sockets, electrical outlets and other technology on board. On landing, the passenger was escorted to the business terminal at Chambéry airport.

In order to ensure quality support and follow-up for our clients, we keep in touch by phone, WhatsApp and email.

Sometimes a video is worth more than words…

Private aircraft used for the flight

Our expertise allowed us to define the ideal aircraft and the right operator for this trip.

We suggested the Phenom 300 from Embraer. The aircraft has seven seats. To discover our private jet fleet, click here.

MK Partnair Fleet Private Jet Phenom 100 Exterior Tarmac BRU airport

Why charter a private jet?

Chartering a private jet for this type of business trip is beneficial for several reasons. 

Indeed, private jet flights allow you to connect cities that are not and usually require a stopover. Thus, private jets allow you to:

  • Save time: Thanks to the direct flight
  • Optimization of the agenda: Your team no longer has to wait for the 20:00 flight to return after the afternoon meeting, reduction of the trip to one day instead of 2 days which allows an optimization of the work.
  • Team optimization: Reduced travel time, and quality of life for travelling employees (return home the same day)
  • Budget optimization: Reduction of hotel nights, reduction of travel costs, reduction of travel compensation fees

The professional management of our back-office teams, who take care of everything from the preparation of the flight to the customization of the private jet. This contributes to the smooth running of the mission and helps to counter any unforeseen events or complications that may arise.

Charter your private jet for your business trips

Chartering a plane for a business trip requires a certain expertise in order to determine the right aircraft for the flight, propose the most advantageous solutions for your air charters and optimize the costs.

In addition, private jet charter allows you to counter certain difficulties that may arise, such as train cancellations, strikes, meeting postponed etc. You are a company or an individual? Contact MK Partnair for your next trips.

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