Are private jets safer than airliners? 01/12/2022

La sécurité à bord des jets privés - MK Partnair

When considering the benefits of chartering a private jet, many advantages come to mind, including the luxury, convenience and privacy that this unique flying experience offers. However, there is another important benefit that deserves to be added to this list: safety on board.

Safety is something we often take for granted when we fly. However, there are times when an incident causes us to re-evaluate the safety of commercial flights, although we should not panic and should bear in mind that millions of people travel safely on airliners every day.

In this context, does travelling on a private jet guarantee a safer flying experience than that offered by traditional commercial airlines?

Here are four reasons why, in addition to the serenity and comfort on board, chartering a private jet offers you optimal safety conditions.

Reinforced checking of every passenger on board

Before booking their flight on a commercial aircraft, customers are usually interested in aspects such as price, transfers and travel time. Safety issues rarely enter the equation.

In fact, security checks on private jet flights are more thorough than those of the major airlines.

While booking a commercial flight requires only some basic information, the agency responsible for your private charter receives a much more detailed picture of the passengers who are about to board. In many cases, all the people on board know each other. It could be a family, a group of friends or work colleagues. This means you can clearly see who is flying, why they are flying and what level of threat they may pose – which is usually none.

Because private charter specialists speak directly to their customers when they book flights, it is very easy to verify the identity of passengers and ensure that everything is safe and in order. Commercial airlines, on the other hand, know nothing about passengers’ reasons for flying, their relationships with other passengers, or any other useful information that could help mitigate any threat.

When you use a private jet, potential concerns about suspicious travellers disappear. Instead, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

Familiar crews looking out for you

On board an aircraft, the crew can significantly affect the quality of your journey. When you use MK Partnair’s private jet charter services, you are about to experience flying with a crew that is supervised by our team of professionals.

While commercial flights favour the anonymity of the flight crew, private jet hire allows you to be in contact with a team that is 100% dedicated to your comfort and safety on board.

Those familiar with private jet hire will potentially find familiar faces on board; pilots and flight attendants will become familiar with your flying preferences.

Our professional charter team will inform the crew of your expectations, even if you have never flown with them before. A familiar face is always more reassuring than an unfamiliar one, and it’s an added security feature of your private jet charter service.

Flying above the weather

One of the main concerns about the safety of private jets is the fact that they are much smaller than an airliner. Future passengers often conclude that, as a result, they are more vulnerable to the elements, especially turbulence.

And while it is true that a jet may move more in windy conditions, in reality its superior agility and performance allow it to avoid most weather. While commercial airlines fly at an altitude of between 10 and 11.5km and rarely get permission to go above or below this, many private jets operate at over 12km, with some being able to go much higher if the situation demands.

Finally, while commercial jets have to follow rigid flight paths, private jets can change their route with much more flexibility and bypass certain weather conditions.

Facilitated emergency landing options

If a plane has to land for any reason, it is better to be on a private jet than on a commercial plane. If you are on an Airbus A380 or Boeing-777, the pilot will only be able to land at major airports due to the length of the runway required.

In an emergency, this usually means turning around and returning to the point of departure. In comparison, a private jet can land at short notice at almost any airport in the country.

You are about to rent a private jet and you would like to know more about the options and conditions of your future flight?

Feel free to contact our team. Our MK Partnair specialists will be happy to assist you in organising a safe and flexible flying experience.

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