Małgorzata Kierubińska-Gradkowska 11/15/2022

Private Jet- Our Team - MK Parrtnair

Nice to meet you all. My name is Malgorzata and I’m our polish senior private jet specialist. I work in the Warsaw office.
My current focus is aircraft selection & client flight experience. I’ve been in the field for 8 years. Before joining MK Partnair’s team, I worked as Sales Executive/Specialist at business jet operator to provide the best experience for passengers on board of flights (private jet and commercial jet). Besides that, I managed catering departments for both private and commercial airline.

Now, I’m excited to work with all the MK Partnair team to provide a complete flight experience to our passengers!

Małgorzata Kierubinska
MK Partnair Team
Warsaw - Poland
Private Jet Broker
Małgorzata Kierubinska,
Senior Private Jet Broker – POLAND –

Malgorzata is in charge of

Each of our clients’ flight projects is unique and depends on several factors. In order to always be more relevant, Malgorzata provides a tailored answer with a specific aircrafts selection and high-quality on board services.

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Understanding something properly and having reliable feedback from a specialist is important. With a 360° vision (operation, service on board, sales) and experience in the field, Malgorzata is an ace for your project and provides qualitative feedback and answers for each situation.

✈️ Ask for Advises and Expertise

The flight preparation is a cornerstone for a successful flight. At MK Partnair, we have a motto for our clients : “no surprise, only transparent information”. Malgorzata leads our clients through all the steps of their flight preparation and makes sure a personalised on board experience is at the end of the process.

A flight involves several partners (airline, airport, handler, FBO, caterer, passenger) . Malgorzata knows them and their internal process. She coordinates all the stakeholders towards the goal of having a smooth flight experience.

At MK Partnair, we have a motto for our clients : “no surprise, only transparent information”.

According to our passengers, Małgorzata’s greatest quality

With 8 years in the industry, Małgorzata earned her spurs. Thanks to her working experience (airline, broker, airport), a private jet flight has no secret for her. She is an asset when it comes to deal with all the stakeholders involved in a flight. Our passengers appreciate her professionnalism, her reactivity and her willingness to find the right solutions for each situation.

✈️ Malgorzata was in charge of a diplomatic flight for the Queen Elisabeth Funerals and UN Summit. Have a look to see how it went and was managed.

In our team Małgorzata is 👩‍🍳

Cooking expert

The first time our team saw a cooking creation of Malgorzata, we were all amazed. It was stunning! From the design to the savours selection, everything was perfect. It was a delight for the eyes, and a delight for the palate.

Behind this piece of art, it was possible to see the attention of details Malgorzata put into her creations. The person who will enjoy her creation is always at the heart of the process.

You can be sure to always have a tailored experience when Malgorzata is in charge of your project!

Małgorzata Kierubinska
Cooking Skills
MK Partnair Team
Warsaw Poland
Private Jet Broker
Cake made by Małgorzata

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