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Hi, I’m Ahmed co-founder, CEO of MK Partnair.

In early 2013, MK Partnair was launched in Paris. Since then, the team has grown with the opening of offices in Lyon (France) and Warsaw (Poland). I am currently focusing on providing business aviation consultancy and expertise to our clients. MK Partnair is committed to a culture of providing consulting and support to promote transparency in aircraft charter projects.

“A leader is a man who needs others” said Paul Valéry – and it is thanks to the collective energy of all the people who make up MK Partnair that together we are able to offer a complete flight experience to our passengers and drive innovation in our industry!

Senior Air Charter Broker

Ahmed is in charge of

Each of our clients’ flight projects is unique and depends on several factors. In order to always be more relevant, Ahmed provides a tailored answer with a specific aircrafts selection and high-quality on board services.

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Understanding something properly and having reliable feedback from a specialist is important. With a 360° vision (operation, service on board, sales) and experience in the field, Ahmed is an ace for your project and provides qualitative feedback and answers for each situation.

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The flight preparation is a cornerstone for a successful flight. At MK Partnair, we have a motto for our clients : “no surprise, only transparent information”. Ahmed leads our clients through all the steps of their flight preparation and makes sure a personalised on board experience is at the end of the process.

A flight involves several partners (airline, airport, handler, FBO, caterer, passenger) . Ahmed knows them and their internal process. She coordinates all the stakeholders towards the goal of having a smooth flight experience.

At MK Partnair, we have a motto for our clients : “no surprise, only transparent information”.

According to our passengers, Ahmed’s greatest quality

Since the creation of MK Partnair, Ahmed has worked to build a high quality service rooted in a strong professional ethic. Thanks to his rigour and his ability to federate, airlines, airports, passengers, … trust him and facilitate the realization of flights in private jet and airliner. He is an asset when it comes to finding a solution in a complex or unexpected situation. Our passengers appreciate his professionalism, his expertise and his presence at every stage of the flight organisation.

✈️ Thanks to his experience and polyvalence, Ahmed is in charge of private jet flights and airliner flights. See examples of flights organised and coordinated by Ahmed: sports club flights, business flights, seminar flights, etc.

In our team Ahmed is⛹️

Curious and self-taught

If a subject intrigues or interests Ahmed, you can be sure of his determination to understand all the nuances and subtleties. This applies equally to societal, sporting, musical and other subjects. It is always a pleasure to talk with him, accompanied by a few touches of humour as a courtesy of seduction.

Behind this philosophy of life, it is possible to see Ahmed’s ability to understand and take initiatives on a variety of subjects. The person who calls upon his expertise always benefits from a great deal of understanding and insight.

You can be sure that you will always have a high quality follow-up when Ahmed is in charge of your project!

Sports fans be prepared, Ahmed always knows the latest results 🏉 He is also a loyal supporter of Ajax Amsterdam and ASM Rugby.

MK Partnair Partenariat Engagement ASM Rugby 02
MK Partnair est engagé dans un partenariat avec l’ASM (Club de Rugby) pour promouvoir les valeurs du sport

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